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Welcome at GET Geffroy Europe Transport

GET transport is your partner in international logistics: We can provide you in all your shipments, and we are able to control your whole supply chain. Your business can change by the second, time is money so you need a reliable business partner who can anticipate changes and act quickly. For this and for extra logistics services “You can count on GET transport”. GET transport is your key to success and is a safe, high quality and environmentally friendly choice at an attractive price.

Meer dan 30 jaar ervaring.

Freight management

We use all modes of transport: road, rail, aviation, shipping or a combination thereof (intermodal, and multimodal) to find the best solution. Since we can provide all thesemodes of transport, we can guarantee our customers many benefits in view of time, costs and environment.


GET transport can do a lot more than just manage transportation. We also provide storage and transhipment of goods. We have access to a wide network with Forward Stock Locations. And an expert team is responsible for your products, from inbound to outbound and transportation.

Handling and documents

Sometimes transportation from A to B is not enough. If necessary, we can provide extra services for your shipments. These “extra services” at the beginning or end of the supply chain will complete your shipment to satisfy your needs. We offer the following services: packaging, assembly, repacking, reconditioning, arranging shipping documents, order management and return logistics.


Efficiency is a key factor in logistics. How do you ensure you can stay ahead of the competition? Many companies act in this competitive world where differences are becoming smaller and smaller. It’s a fact that companies with the most efficient supply chain are tomorrow’s winners. We can analyse your supply chain objectively and suggest concrete improvements, which will lead to a reduction of your logistics costs.

Our specialties

We specialize in transport of e.g.: (non-)refrigerated food, luxury goods, machines and electronics. Transporting valuables? No problem for us. We know how to handle it, after all, we do it every day! We are very familiar with the specific transport conditions for a wide range of products.

Quickly and reliable

We can manage your entire supply chain from beginning to end. GET can pick up your goods anytime, anywhere. For us, no shipment is too big or too small and no destination too far. If you partially or entirely outsource your shipment process, we guarantee a safe, high quality and environmentally-friendly shipment at an excellent price. “GET on the move!!”